Havan Menswear's Production Center is in İzmir and It Was Established by Şadan HAVAN.

Havan, Has Established Its Own Creative Team From The First Collection. Use it With High-quality Fabrics, It Shows, it is Different and innovative Brand.

Havan Menswear, Since its Establishment; it Aim is to Create a Real Men's Fashion, Together With Fashion and Technological Research and Development, Product Branding and Marketing For The Commercial Relations and Customer Satisfaction With Our Country Holds Firm Approach Foreground Numbered One.

Our Founder Draws Attention To Entrepreneurship, But Also a Fashion Designer. In Turkey Today, There are 370 Points of Sale.

Havan Company Has Proved Itself as a Brand and Company in Men's Fashion Industry. Havan Menswear Always Self-improvement and Grow in Recent Years Has Been the Preferred Brand With Style and Design.

Also HVN Brand and Famous Italian Brand Gianni Soprano Belong to Havan Menswear. It Offers The Latest Fashion Trends in Europe and Lived With Turkey Agency.

Complete the Wardrobe of Today's Man With the Wide Range of Accessories, it Holds a Different and Detailed Men's Weather. It Always at The Forefront of Creating Work.